N64 Kiosk

The Australian Nintendo 64 kiosks were heavy steel framed and painted black with a "Nintendo 64" light box on top and a clear dome to see the console.

A topper card and sleeve under the television made by cardboard could be changed depending on what game demo was in the kiosk at that time.

I have 2 Nintendo 64 Kiosks. My first one I purchased with the original controllers, console and CRT television in August 2003.

I found it in The Trading Post as a private sale back when it was a newspaper.

Moving the kiosk the day it was purchased.

My second one I got many years later from some I met at the markets who I had been talking to for quite sometime. After a couple of years they decided to sell me their kiosk that they had in storage for many years.

The frame was complete with the plastic bubbles and controller arms but no console or controllers.

Both N64 kiosks today before the second one was restored.