Leadtek WinFast
Capture Hardware AV Cable

If you use the Leadtek WinFast PxDTV2300 H or the Leadtek WinFast PxDVR3200 H make sure you have the AV cable that comes with them for analouge input.

The cable is a 9 pin mini-DIN from the card to various plugs for input including composite, s-video, component and L+R audio.
Other 9 pin mini-DIN cables from older Leaktek models with composite and s-video have also been tested to work.

A cable that comes with the PxDTV2300 H and PxDVR3200 H

Cables such as these from older models such as the DTV2000 H and the TV2000 XP Expert (low profile version) will also work with the PxDTV2300 H and PxDVR3200 H.

Third Party Cables

Cables such as those found online found online have been known to work.

I will update this section when I have completed my tests (January 2023).